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Brit Care Cat: the finest cat food your cat will love

Cats know what they want and it is not so easy to convince their demanding taste. But with Brit Care Cat it is, because our cat food convinces with an above-average food acceptance and is eaten with pleasure by the four-legged gourmets.

Brit Care Cat offers a wide range of grain-free, hypoallergenic dry food, wet food with sauce and jelly and tasty snacks for all ages and needs.

Welcome to our #DeliCATeria

The right canned food for every cat

Our tasty fillets and pâtés in tins are available in a large selection for adult cats, kittens and neutered cats.

Wide range of delicious pouches​

Whether sauce or jelly: our wet food pouches offer your cat many delicious varieties with a grain-free and hypoallergenic recipe.

Tasty dry food with lots of fresh meat

Our hypoallergenic and grain-free dry food allows you to feed your cat a healthy and species-appropriate diet.

For special moments...

Our furry friends love spending time with us – and we also like to give something tasty back in addition to lots of cuddle moments: their favourite snacks!

Crunchy snacks with different proteins and superfoods or treats with functional ingredients that positively influence the well-being and health of your pet.

Functional Snacks: the right treat for every velvet paw

With our delicious Functional Snacks you have a tasty reward that positively influences the well-being and health of your cat.

Crunchy Snacks: healthy reward with superfruits for your cat

Our Crunchy Snacks are crunchy superfood snacks with fruits and valuable vitamins in a practical snack tin.

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